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Building Buddies

Building Buddies

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Grades 2-3

Primary students are introduced to basic concepts of energy use and conservation, using the school as a learning laboratory and then extending to home energy use and conservation measures. Students monitor and evaluate energy conservation behaviors daily. Individual students and classrooms are recognized for energy-saving habits and being good Building Buddies. The kit includes a Teacher Guide, a class set of 30 Student Guides, rewards, and the materials necessary to conduct the activities.

Student and Teacher guides are also available in PDF format as a FREE download.

Building Buddies Kit with 1 Teacher & 30 Student Guides  $150.00
One Teacher & One Student Guide  $5.00
Class Set of 30 Student Guides  $50.00
Class Set of Building Buddies Consumables  $45.00

Materials in Building Buddies Kit
1 Indoor/outdoor thermometer
1 Incandescent light bulb
1 Compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL)
10 Student thermometers
2 Neck pouches
30 Buttons for rewards
30 Certificates for rewards
1,000 Building Buddy stickers
30 Students Guides

Materials in Class Set of Building Buddies Consumables
2 Student thermometers
30 Buttons for rewards
30 Certificates for rewards
1,000 Building Buddy stickers


Additional energy management materials are available at www.need.org/energymanagement

Also available as an e-publication:    Teacher Guide    Student Guide

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